We all know that recipes are a common find for most of us. I might feature here at Quickfire Recipes some of your favorite recipes and the different variations that you can or might find in the internet today so expect that we will be posting similar cooking techniques, procedures and the recipes themselves.

That being the case, we do not and will not in any way claim that what we have here are purely ours. Although I might feature here some of my own loved and self-modified recipes, I am looking forward for your comments.

The recipes that we post here might be what you have there in your list or if you own that recipe, I would like to personally ask for your permission to post them here at Quickfire Recipes. We do not aim to plagiarize or give you an impression that we are just copying your recipe/s. If you feel that you do not want your personal recipe to appear here, then use our comments section to say your opinion or if you want us to remove your recipe here.

On the other hand, we would demand that you produce the right documents proving that what you want to have removed from here in our list of recipes, is totally and yours and is copyrighted to your name, company or entity. Thank you.

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