Callos is Tripe and Sausage with Chickpeas.

1 medium Ox pata (1 1/2 kilos)
1? kg Ox Tripe (Cleaned)
1 cup Ham (Sliced into Cubes)
1 can Chorizo de bilbao (sliced into cubes)
Olive oil
1 Onions chopped
1 cup Tomato sauce
1 cup Garbanzos
3 tbsp Sherry
1 Bay leaf
Crushed peppercorns
1 cup Pimento
1 cup Green olives

Cooking Procedure:
1.Boil water season with salt and pepper and add in oxtripe and ox pata.(Lagyan ng asin at paminta ang kumukulong tubig. Ilagay ang tuwalya at pata.)
2.Boil until tender.Slice the tripe and pata into cubes.(Pakuluin hanggang sa lumambot.Hiwain ang tuwalya at pata into cubes.)
3.Save the broth.(Itabi ang pinagkuluan na sabaw.)
4.On a pot saute onions with olive oil.Add in ham, chorizo de bilbao, tripe and pata and garbanzos. saute until brown.(Sa isang kaldero, iguisa ang sibuyas sa olive oil. Idagdag ang ham, chorizo de bilbao, tuwalya, pata at garbanzos. Igisa hangang sa maging brown.)
5.Add in tomato sauce and broth.(Idagdag ang tomato sauce at ang pinagkuluang sabaw.)
6.Simmer for a bit then add in bay leaf, sherry.(Hayaang kumulo sandali at ilagay na ang bay leaf at sherry.)
7.Simmer until sauce thickens.Add in Aji Ginisa.(Hayaan ulit kumulo hanggang lumapot ang sabaw. Lagyan ng Aji Guinisa)
8.Add in Pimento and Green olives when about to serve.(Idagdag ang pimiento at green olives bago i-serve.)

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