Deep–Fried Breaded Pork Cutlets Recipe

                                          Deep–Fried Breaded Pork Cutlets

This is a very popular dish in Japan. It is almost always served with shredded cabbage.

* 4 boneless pork chops
* a little salt
* a little pepper
* oil for deep frying
* 30 g flour
* 1 egg
* 80 g bread crumbs
* 3 cabbage leaves
* 1 tomato
* 1/2 lemon
* a little parsley
Cooking Procedure:
* Stab both sides of the pork chops 5 or 6 times with a fork. Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides.
* Lightly dust the chops in the flour.
* Put the egg in a bowl and coat the chops with the egg.
* Then coat well with the bread crumbs in a separate pan.
* Heat the oil to 170 °C and deep-fry the chops on each side about 5 or 6 minutes until golden brown.
* Remove and drain on a rack.
* Slice the cutlets across into 2 cm. strips. Shred the cabbage and soak in water.
* Drain the water from the cabbage. Cut the tomato into 6-8 sectors. Cut the lemon into 4 equal pieces.

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