A-ha! Bacon and Sausage Frittata Recipe

A-ha! Bacon and Sausage Frittata


2tbsp oil

2 italian sausage sliced

1/4c bacon sliced

1/4c button mushrooms, sliced

4 pcs eggs beaten

1 cup grated cheese

ajinomoto umami super seasoning

tomato rings for garnish

catsup as dip

1c hot rice.


1. Heat oil and cook sausages, nushroom and bacon.

2. Add in beaten eggs and season with ajinomoto umami super seasoning.

3. Stir in eggs in pan till it begins to set.

4. Cook on pre heated oven to finish off cooking the top part.

5. Serve with catsup and hot rice. Garnish with tomato rings.

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